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>> clayton: and. >> alisyn: and you know, i really have had many. >> clayton: and i have plenty and one for rick -- >> alisyn: talk about it on the after the show show, log onto >> clayton: after the show show. >> good morning, this is a "fox news alert." a new security threat this sunday morning, and, both the u.s. and british embassies are closing their doors in yemen over threats by al qaeda. the news coming after both countries announced an increase of aid to yemen to fight the terror group linked to the failed attempt to bomb a u.s. airliner on christmas day, and we'll update you as news develops throughout the morning. >> eric: and another "fox news alert," sunday morning, the man accused of gunning down four members of his own family at thanksgiving dinner, has now been nabbed in florida. and police say they were singing sing-a-longs for three hours and
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then he opened fire and a little more than a month later, u.s. marshals have arrested paul marriage, and he was hiding out at a motel in the florida keys and cops give the credit to a tip that was called into "america's most wanted" and notch up another one for the fox tv program. hello, i'm eric sean and welcome to america's news headquarters on this sunday morning. >> jamie: good morning, happy new year, eric and happy new year to all of you. for over a month he was the target of a nationwide manhunt which included a $100,000 reward, he shot and killed his twin sisters, elderly aunt and this little girl, his six-year-old little cousin and cops say the shooting was carefully planned out and the latest from phil keating in our miami bureau and it happened overnight, and phil, tell us the latest. >> reporter: "america's most wanted" had just wrapped up the show and profiled the case of
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paul mehridge and the alleged murder of his two sisters and aunt and young cousin, on thanksgiving night, remember, it was a horrible crime that happened over that holiday, and according to investigators, as well as family members, who were inside the home in jupiter, florida, he was there in attendance, he was invited along with all of the other family members and after dinner everyone is wrapping up, saying good-bye and that is when relatives and the father of six-year-old makalah say paul went out to his car and came back into through the back door and started shooting. a few minutes after the "america's most wanted" story aired last night that is when a tip came in, to monroe county sheriffs department, and also u.s. marshals, they all joined together, went to this motel, the edgewater lodge motel on long key, essentially in the middle of the florida keys, halfway between key largo and
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key west. assessed which room he was staying in, according to the tipster, said a man, quote, strongly resembling mehridge checked into the motel on december 2nd. and a blue toyota which fit the description, broadcast on america's most wanted was also parked outside, covered by a t.a.r.p. so, investigators believe that is clearly an attempt to try to hide his location. he checked into the motel according to investigators as a john baca and now will be charged with four counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, jamie. >> jamie: it is interesting in these cases how close the suspect is to the scene of the crime, at the same state, even though it was a nationwide manhunt and possible connections even to michigan. tell us how it came down last night. >> reporter: it was really without incident. he provided no resistance
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according to the sheriffs department down in the keys. and as soon as they stormed the room abruptly, they arrested him and they hauled him into jail. and the tipster who called in, stands to perhaps get $100,000. but a lot of the credit here is clearly going to "america's most wanted." which really did an efficient job of getting attention -- big. >> jamie: thanks and good to have the latest update and the family wanted him in custody very, very badly. what a tragedy on thanksgiving day. thanks, phil. >> eric: our top story on this sunday morning as you said a few moments ago, the u.s. and british embassies have been closed in yemen, the federal government deciding threats by al qaeda linked to the failed airplane bombing plot on christmas day, the u.s. embassy is warning american citizens in yemen to be vigilant today, the order affects 500 people there. caroline shivley following the story for us from our washington
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bureau and, our embassy in yemen had been attacked twices in 2008. is there a specific threat we know of now that prompted the order to close the embassy. >> reporter: john brennan is the head of the white house counterterrorism effort and tells "fox news sunday" there are indications yemen is targeting our embassy and personnel and, u.s. citizens living in yemen are at risk, too, in danger, until the yemeni government is on top of the terror problem and he says the u.s. knows al qaeda has been trying to carry out attacks for a long time and you mentioned two, one the november of 2008 attempt that killed 19 people and no americans and a mortar attack in march of it two missed the embassy and hit and all girls school and brennan said a way to keep u.s. citizens safe is to close the embassy, and that is what they will do. >> eric: we'll talk about the yemen that's new terror center in a moment with congressman peter king and john bolten the former u.s. ambassador but it seems the u.s. and britain are now having a joint terrorism
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force? what is that about and do they think it will actually help. >> reporter: sure, britain closed its embassy as well this morning, and british prime minister gordon brown announced he and president obama have agreed to fund a counterterrorism unit in yemen, and said the unit would tackle the emerging terrorist threat from yemen and somalia, after the christmas day plane attack and will support yemen's coast guard ops and pirates hijacked four ships in the last week. >> eric: and throughout the morning we'll deal with yemen as a possible threat to our country, al qaeda there, and gitmo detainees who have been released and they say are now back in power there. thank you, caroline. jamie. >> jamie: a top u.s. counterterrorism official is warning that al qaeda extremist are seeking new ways to attack the u.s. and now that we have learned about these new concerns, where do we go from here and what needs to be done to keep all of us safe here in the u.s.? joining us live, from new york
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this morning, republican congressman peter king, also a ranking member on the house homeland security committee. congressman, good morning. >> good to see you, jamie. >> jamie: i want to ask you first about the news, one counterterrorism official, and not alone, saying that al qaeda is refining its methods and planning other attacks. what do we know and what kind of intel are we getting and, are we getting it on both sides of the aisle? >> now first of all, that report came from the head of the nctc, the national counterterrorism center who i have always said is a straight shooter and we've taken a lot of al qaeda people out but they are consolidating and refinding their tactics and we have to be very, very careful and on our guard and john brennan, i think he's sending a mixed signal when, as caroline said, ordering the embassy closed in yemen at the same time
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he says we'll continue to send detainees from guantanamo bay back to yemen and as far as whether we are safe as a nation. we'll never be 100% safe and my concern with the administration is they are not putting enough emphasis on it and with all the money going into stimulus and into so many other programs, how much is going to be available for them to use on homeland security? just here in new york, we had a $40 million cut in transit security. for anti-terrorism. we also have the administration's fight to knock out $40 million for radiation detectors at bridges and tunnels and i am wondering, i'm not doubting the president's commitment but i wonder whether or not they are putting too much emphasis on other issues and will not have the funding available and are they sending a signal to others in the administration, that this is not quite the issue the president thinks it should be. for instance, john brennan said today that even though the father in nigeria turned in his
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own son it wasn't enough to send off -- sit off warning signals and that is janet napolitano part two, haven't learned their lesson. >> jamie: let me ask you about the fact that it seems like al qaeda is focused on this airlines and i have my own speculation on why that might be. if that plot had taken place it would have been over u.s. soil, it would have been devastating because of the number of people on board, it would have been a visual portrayal of what al qaeda is capable of. we saw it on 9/11, too. but what about the railways, and buses and what about crowded shopping malls? are we doing enough to keep americans safe there? what does the president need to do to assure all of us that the right methods are being utilized and put into place because there is not an infinite amount of money and some of it is going to places like yemen for
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counterterrorism measures. >> believe it or not the airlines, are probably the easiest to secure. because much fewer people take them than mass transit and it is easier to control entrances and exitses. b -- exits, and you have amtrak along the eastern seaboard and that is difficult to secure and new york city, the subway system, a thousands entrances and exits and no way to police them all and we need more homeland security funding for the areas that need it and instead of wasting it on cities and locales that will never be attacked or likely will not. and we have to decide where the most likely targets are. but as far as yemen, i support what the president is doing there. bus by going after them, it makes it harder for them to get here and we can get intelligence out of them. if we can capture terrorists there, but again that is -- i differ with the administration, because umar farouk abdulmutalleb was put into the criminal justice system, not put
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into a military tribunal, which means we cannot get the information out of him we would have and the only way to be secure is through intelligence and having said that, in dixie we need training, technology, equipment, and i don't believe the local police departments in this country are getting enough of the assistance they need from the federal government. >> jamie: congressman peter king we look forward to seeing what happens on tuesday when the president meets with his security advisors, will you be there at that meeting? >> no, my understanding, jamie, this is just for people with in the administration. i hope the president soon after will reach out in a bipartisan way. but i can tell you from christmas day on, it has been -- iron curtain coming down from the administration as far as providing information to members of congress and not just me, i talked to pete hoekstra, the ranking republican on the intelligence committee who is getting virtually nothing at all. >> jamie: the information you brought us today is useful. thank you so much. good to see you, congressman.
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>> thank you very much, jamie. >> eric: many consider a continuing threat to our country, the west and israel, and that is iran. and there are new threats to tell you about from the iranian regime. in the form of an ultimatum to the u.s. and her allies, iran says it will begin producing enriched nuclear fuel if other nations don't accept its terms, iran gives us one month after president obama's deadline for iran to comply. has come and gone. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, and fox news contributor john bolten joins us as he does every time on sunday, at this time. good morning, mr. ambassador. >> good morning, happy new year. >> eric: same to you. what does it mean when iran is trying to give us an ultimatum. >> i think it is sending several messages simultaneously, first is saying iran remains very confident that they are making progress. on their uranium enrichment
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project and will not be intimidated by our ultimatums and number 2 is saying, teasing the obama administration because it continues to hold out the prospect that iran could sit down again with the five permanent members of the security council and continue negotiations. it is planning on what it knows to be the obama administration's real need to show some success with his so-called open hand policy and finally, by saying iran itself is prepared to cross the threshold of enrichment from reactor grade uranium up to very close to 20%, what the research reactor requires, they are justifying in their minds enrichment above the reactor grade level and i think that is significant because that opens all kinds of possibilities toward going all the way up to the real weapons-grade level of 90%-plus. >> eric: it is a threshold and line in the sand to potentially make a bomb? >> well, the scientific
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threshold is 20%. enriched uranium, and that is a very big bomb and inefficient and my point is once they go above the reactor grade level of 3 to 5% enrichment, they are showing they are going to ignore the idea that they are going to be limited solely to that typical measure and i think that manifests itself in ways that put them a lot closer to achieving nuclear weapons status. >> eric: stalk about the obama administration, need to show success but, look, 48 hours ago the deadline the president set to iran to comply has come and gone and nothing from tehran but more threats an bld bluster, wh does it mean. >> iran does not have a face in the continual deadlines the administration keeps setting and they know they are not serious them. administration today is increasing its pr efforts to show that sanctions are nearing and that iran will be vulnerable
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and have been briefing favored reporters to try and convince them of the case. as a prediction, i'll make my orientation 30 days from now i will not have materially stronger sanctions against iran than now, i'll say 60 days from now they still will not have materially stronger sanctions in part because of the one element of the message, iran was sending, of teasing the administration, with the possibility of negotiations and as long as that possibility is out there, i don't think the administration's push for sanctions will be truly serious. >> eric: you are saying the administration believes tehran is vulnerable now and an official says the troubles, demonstrations we have seen, quote, gives us a window to impose the first sanctions that may make the iranians think the nuclear program is not worth it and the white house thinks that the iranians are now in a very vulnerable position because of the domestic troubles there. do you buy that? >> certainly not with respect to the nuclear weapons program. i favor imposing additional
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sanctions. i'd like to put more pressure on that regime and see that regime brought down. but, let's face it. it is almost two years since the last security council sanctions. the iranians had plenty of time to get ready. and in any event when it is comes to the crunch and -- in the security council, i'll predict three things, one the russians and the chinese will not be ready for materially stronger sanctions and number two when you get to the brink the europeans will waiver and break and won't favor stronger sanctions and third, i'm not sure the obama administration itself has the steel in its spine to push for really stronger sanctions if the iranians show even a little bit of possibility of further negotiations. >> eric: and number 4, you have said on this program, that gives the iranians potentially more time to get a nuclear weapon. u.s. ambassador john bolten, good to see you as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: lets turn to the markets now, eric. will the bulls maintain order on
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wall street, 2009 was a good year and the dow jones industrials average rose 19% for the year and what trend should investors look for in the new year? host of bulls and bears, senior business correspondent, brenda buttner in our newsroom this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> jamie: make me money, everybody else, too. i don't want to be selfish. overall stocks did well last year and we opened up the statements to our 401 ks this year it won't be as tragic as it has been and best performance in 6 years, look at the decade, not impressive, though, right. >> no in fact the dow is down for the decade, down some 8%. now you make up some of that with dividends, and looking at dividend stocks is a very important i think way to consider your portfolio in the future. because you make money, even if the stocks don't return. but it was quite a year. i mean, if you don't look at the yearly averages for the stocks,
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the nine-month rally we see that many of the averages were up 60%. but, they are also down from the records. i think the dow is down 27% from the record which was set in 200 7 and that's analysts believe there is still steam left for stocks. the real issue is what happens on main street. that will affect what happens on wall street. and unemployment is still a huge issue. we find out on friday what december's numbers hold and if we continue to stay at double-digit unemployment, which forecasts are we will at least through the next half of the year, means the recovery is not necessarily sustainable and makes it very hard to make profits and for stocks to continue going up. >> jamie: what could stop the bulls in their tracks? and do you still recommend diversification? having stocks, but also other
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things like bonds. >> right. stocks, the bulls, there are many factors out there. number one,ing of the sustainability of the recovery, which now is really based on unemployment and we haven't seen all that much improvement there. but, you also have to watch out for interest rates and they could be on the rise, if inflation raises its head, which, you know, d.c. is not helping much with, with all of the borrowing costs. >> jamie: the "i" word, potentially in play. thanks, good to see you, happy new year and i hope it is a profitable one. >> you, too. >> eric: putting twitter and facebook to work in a desperate search for a ms. ing woman. how social media is changing how friends and family and the rest of us can get involved. we'll have that, coming up. ooo
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>> jamie: using facebook to mind a missing mom. friends and family of susan powell are launching a social media little bits, trying to search for the missing utah woman. and the group says they plan to blanket facebook, twitter, and youtube with information and powell's picture and she has been missing nearly a month. her husband told police he took
10:23 am
the couple's two boys camping at the time she disappeared and they consider him a perp of interest, in the case. -- a person of interest in this case. >> eric: the u.s. and british embassies in yemen shut down this morning, believed al qaeda is targeting the embassy and americans on the arabian peninsula and the embassy has been attacked there twice and there are questions about the airline bombing plot and the genesise in yemen and the assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism sat down today with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" and talked about the claims by al qaeda, more extremists are being trained in yemen for future attacks against us. >> we have good intelligence al qaeda is training individuals in yemen and are pulling the threads on a number of these reports to make sure we stay on top of it and over the past week in particular we are doing everything possible to scour all of the intelligence that is out
10:24 am
there to see whether or not there is another umar farouk abdulmutalleb out there. >> eric: good morning, chris. >> chris: good morning, eric. >> eric: what did he say in terms of protecting us. >> chris: he indicated there was a specific threat against the u.s. embassy, and makes it clear that al qaeda, he says, there are several hundred members in yemen, and that they have plans not only to attack the u.s. embassy, to attack americans in yemen as you said, but, also, there are other umar farouk abdulmutalleb's who have gone through the system and have been trained and equipped and he believes adirected to launch attacks -- and are directed to launch attacks on the u.s., and we talked primarily about intelligence-gathering and he said it wasn't a smoking gun but a lot of information was out there and it was a jigsaw puzzle and they didn't put the pieces together, system and human failures, he said and we have to
10:25 am
get better at being able to do that. >> eric: this is what we worry about, the jigsaw puzzle and is up to them to protect us to make sure it doesn't happen and how can he assure us it will not happen again. >> chris: i don't think he can assure us of that. he said he feels... and has a horse in this race, as someone said, because he was one of the people, a 25-year veteran of the cia, and left and helped set up the national counterterrorism center. and he said that one of the things that we have improved on is there is note institutional barriers. it's not that the nsa and the cia will not talk to each other and funnel information to other departments, he says all the information is getting in but the systems are not in place, and some of it may be human error and some may be systems and computers but don't have it so someone can look at a desk and see this piece of the puzzle
10:26 am
and this piece and see how they fit together, so obviously we have to do a better job and he'll lead a discussion, the president meeting with a lot of the top intelligence hieads at the white house on tuesday to try and get it together. >> eric: we'll look forward to the interview, chris, good to see you, thank you. >> chris: you bet, thanks. >> eric: fascinating in sight from john brennan, and be sure and catch the interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday, on the fox news channel or check your local listings. >> jamie: full body scanners since we heard they will start to appear at more and more airports, there is a concern by a lot of people whether or not there are radiation levels that we need worry about. you know who has the answer? on whether or not we'll be safe? dr. rosenfeld! isadore rosenfeld and sunday house call is up next. don't miss it. hey -- who's our best presentation guy? carl.
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to -- is supposed to wrap up combat operations in iraq, by august and is it ready to be left alone and there is violence up rising late and we are joined live from baghdad, and we'll look ahead, and what is expected, dominic? >> reporter: jamie, it is going to be something of a landmark here in iraq and as you say, u.s. troops withdrawing and will be some 6 5,000 combat troops, who should leave as soon as the end of may but it is dependent on elections here in iraq. the recent uptick in violence you talk about is down to the holding of election, and we expect more attacks and more of the mass bombings we have seen, particularly here in baghdad, in recent weeks. the general here, ray odierno is particularly worried as well about what happens after the elections. and we believe there could be more attacks as the

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